Monday 6 January 2014

weekly stills - the staycation edition

My husband's parents have been away these last few weeks.  They only live 40 minutes away, but wait for it.  They live on a golf course.  A golf course.  The eighteenth hole is their backyard.  There is a pool ( 2 in fact), a tennis court, a golf buggy.  Sounds like a holiday to me. 

So, with their permission (thank you so much!), we packed the car and headed up for a few days r & r. Like they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

We had a ball.  We think we might send them away again!

1. Plenty of wet towels
2. Raggedy Anne
3. I remember when they were both little enough to ride this.  Not any more
4.  This was not the only lizard we saw
5. Green thumb
6. In or out?
7. Afternoon scooter rides
8. Camouflage
9. Those golf buggy drivers mean business
10. My little mermaid

Joining in with  The Beetle Shack again for 2014.


  1. I love these photos … I'm feeling the summer holiday vibe :0)

  2. I love them too, was drooling over that pool. Beautiful pix, hope you can stay there again soon xx

  3. Beautiful pictures.....those mermaid flippers, or should I say flipper make sense but I think I would feel a bit panicky having both legs strapped together although the kids would love it for sure. Love peaking into the room with the doll too, it sort of feels like I'm right there at that doorway. Well done!! Great photography. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kathy! I was a bit nervous about the mermaid flipper, but it was top of her Christmas list and husband was keen to get it for her. I kept a close eye on her, but luckily she is a very strong swimmer and took to it like a duck ( or mermaid) to water!

  4. What great photos! I think those mermaid flippers would have been on the top of lots of little ladies Christmas lists. Happy New Year. Melinda x

    1. Thanks Melinda, I could hardly believe my luck when I found them!

  5. Great stills - I can smell the summery-ness of them from here! Visiting via Em's Weekly Stills :)

  6. How fantastic! What a great little getaway x


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