Tuesday 7 May 2013

Travelogue Tasmania Day 6 Hobart

We awoke on day 6 ready to explore Hobart.  There was a slight drizzle but by the time we reached our first stop of the morning it had passed us by.  It was, however, freezing!  The mercury had definitely plummeted by now, in fact a number of locals even commented to us the cold snap had taken them all by surprise.

Our hotel was in the old maritime village of Battery Point, an easy walk to the city centre.  Its name derives from the gun battery built in 1818 that stood on the promontory protecting old Hobart Town.  The guardhouse is now Battery Point's oldest  building.
First stop was, of course, coffee and we soon found Jackman & McRoss on Hampden Rd, a neighbourhood bakery and café.  We all enjoyed our coffees, hot chocolates (with marshmallows) and some delectable pastries.  We visited there a few times over the next few days!
We continued on down Hampden Rd and onto Arthur Circus, an adorably quaint little roundabout lined with eave-free Georgian cottages.  These were originally built for officers of the town and harbour garrison.  Interestingly, it is the only circus in Australia.

We then headed down into the city and over to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.  This was a great way to get out of the cold for a few hours and we really enjoyed wandering around the building.  Incorporating Hobart's oldest building, the Commissariat Store (1808), the museum features Aboriginal displays and colonial relics as well as other interesting displays regarding more recent history.  Admission was free, although a donation is welcome.

After lunch we decided to brave Mt Wellington at 1270m.  Often shrouded in cloud, we occasionally caught a glimpse of its peak cloaked in snow.  It is an easy 20 minute drive, although as we got closer to the top the roads did become icy and we definitely took our time. 

I have never been so cold in all my life.  We only stayed around 15 minutes or so, it really was so bitter, and we weren't really dressed for the conditions.  Our hands and faces were starting to hurt by the end.  Still, it was lovely to see real snow, as opposed to the man made stuff we saw last year when we went to Selwyn Snow Fields.  It was a relief to finally be back home for the evening in the cosy warmth of our apartment, ready for the next day.

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