Friday 12 July 2013

I'll always have New York (Part 2)

In hindsight, we didn't pick the best time of day to visit the Highline.  With all the lovely open space and room to sit and take in the surrounds, it would have been lovely to be there in the late afternoon twilight, eating some take away from Chelsea Market and just people watch. 

In any case we were there on a steamy summer morning, which probably didn't lend itself to too much sitting around, we were just too hot up there ( this coming from someone used to hot Australian summers - it was hot!).  Regardless I enjoyed walking along the converted rail track, enjoying the view of the surrounding streets and trying to avoid looking into people's windows!!

After the Highline we headed to Chelsea Market and Anthropologie!! I didn't go to New York to shop (shocking I know), however I do think the angels sang when we walked through the doors. It was the one shop I was determined to visit while in New York.  So while the others were going ga ga over handbags and pretty shirts I was doing backflips over the homeware displays.  Did I purchase anything? Why yes I did.  I came home all the way from New York with a set of dishcloths from Anthropologie.  And I love them.  I have the prettiest dishcloths now in Newcastle.

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