Sunday 25 August 2013

Weekly stills - the 5 star Sydney edition

A certain little lady will celebrate her eighth birthday later this week.  She didn't want a big party with all her school friends, which to be honest, suits us just fine, as a little house + lots of giggling girls doesn't really equal fun (for mum and dad anyway).  She did however, have one request.  A night in the big city at a "5 star hotel".   She really is my kind of girl.  Never fear, there will be a small party with our family this weekend to celebrate that wonderous day eight years ago when a little angel joined our world.
1. On the train from Newcastle to Sydney
2. Getting acquainted with the 5 star bed
3. How lucky would you be to go to work every day on a Sydney ferry?
4. Safety first
5. Not ready to leave Luna Park
6. Bright lights
7 & 8. The view down toward the Harbour Bridge and the famous sails of Sydney Opera House.
Playing along with Emily at The Beetle Shack


  1. A fantastic collection of "visit to Sydney" photos and my favourite would be the red seat on the ferry. I love your eye in searching for those special details....fantastic job. Happy 8th Birthday little one. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks so much Kathy, I really appreciate your comment xx

  2. What a fun choice of hers, happy birthday to her! Really great collection here, all beautifully captured x

    1. Any excuse for a mini holiday in this family, she definitely is her mother's daughter!

  3. Your photography is amazing!!! Keep doing as you're doing, a photo-journal is a beautiful way to document life. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl. Mel x

  4. Your pictures are simply gorgeous! Seriously, you've captured our lovely city in some stunning ways :)

    Sophie xo


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