Saturday 9 November 2013

weekly stills

1. My favourite place to curl up
2. They just keep growing
3. How many caps does one boy need?
4. Clowns
5. When it's too hot to cook, go to the pub for dinner
6. I wish I could eat that
7. My favourite kind of menu - an ice cream menu!
8. Still searching for a healthy ( half healthy will do) lunchbox treat.  I think we may have a winner with this one, thanks to Our Everyday Life in Pictures.  It has Weet Bix in it, so it has to be healthy. Right?

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  1. I'm hungry looking at those fish and chips! yum.
    ps. Pretty cushion covers! x

    1. I wish I could've eaten them, I have coeliac disease, so I just have to make do with looking at them!

  2. Glad you are giving the chocolate we ethic slice a go as it's a favourite in our house. I love your first photo of the couch and cushions as there is something so inviting about it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. It looks so summery where you are
    I'm loving your cushions

    1. Hi Ally, yes spring has certainly sprung here. Thanks for visiting :)

  4. What a gorgeous little insight into your week. Looks so summery and inviting.
    Sophie x


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