Monday 30 December 2013

weekly stills - the ho ho ho edition



Given that my husband's parents divorced many years ago, we have learnt to streamline Christmas over the years.  We used to rush from family to family and Christmas started to become a blur of quick visits, snatched conversations and the feeling that we didn't really get to enjoy Christmas with anyone.

Now, we spend the morning with his father's family, then have lunch with either my family, or his mother's family.  Boxing Day is then spent with the family we didn't see on Christmas Day.  It's perfect - or as close to perfect as we will get.  And, we get two Christmas Days!  Bingo!

After the heat leading up to Christmas, the cooler ( although wet) day we had this year was a blessed relief.  And the kids didn't seem to mind the wet weather anyway, they enjoyed a game of wet weather soccer and jumping on a very slippery, wet trampoline.

1. Santa left a note!
2. Christmas colours
3. The kids getting stuck into their Christmas lunch
4. Lets eat
5. This one loves all things pink and pretty
6. Nanna didn't take these off all day
7. Cheese!
8. Waiting

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  1. Wonderful Christmas pictures and spreading it out over 2 days is the way to go. We had 2 days at my place as my sister headed off to her in-laws for Christmas Lunch first time in about 6 years so we had lunch with them on Boxing Day. It seemed more relaxed for us this year as well. Opening Christmas Presents at my Mum's place (Granny's) eating yummy slices that we all prepare and then Mum and my sister came over for lunch. Very relaxed. Your photos are fun and happy. A friend of ours put together a photo book (used Snapfish) for her siblings for Christmas which was all the past Christmas Days even scanning photos when there wasn't any digital. Her family don't do photos and one of her siblings said it was the best Christmas Present ever. Seeing the change in clothing, decorations and people over a period of time. I'm thinking about doing it next year for my sisters. Last year I used old photos as gift tags which was a photo of my sister next to the Christmas Tree when she was about 2 years old. And my nephews and nieces when they were about 3 and 4 (they are now 20 and 22) and they all thought they were great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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