Sunday 29 September 2013

Weekly stills - a collection

1. Sunny ended up having emergency surgery on Friday for a nasty leg infection.  She is to remain indoors until Tuesday, this is her "pleeeeease let me out" stance.
2. Thank goodness for coffee time.
3. I hate painting, I hate prep for painting even more.
4. Never ending pile.
5.  Should you be licking the beaters when you are still in your PJ's?
6. They looked terrible, but tasted fantastic.
7. My 8 year old has awesome taste in music.

Joining in with The Beetle Shack


  1. ooo hope cat is better she is so beutiful! that beater licking shot is other worldly! what a fab shot! that pile of laundry is small small small...i don't call it a pile until it has hidden the sofa from view! x

  2. I had a cat just like yours when I was young...spitting image (well, from behind lol). I hope Sunny is on the mend x

  3. I think that those cookies look like they taste fantastic!

  4. gorgeous captures! I hope sunny is ok? x


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