Monday 23 June 2014

something in the air

Recently, on one steely cold wintry day, husband enjoyed a morning surf.  When he walked in he told us he had been surfing with whales no less!!  We live close to the coast and are lucky at this time of year to witness pods of whales as they make their way north to warmer climes ( sounds like a plan), but they are never so close to shore that the surfers are almost touching them! 

Anyhow, as that cold day wore on, and little people started getting stir crazy, I grabbed the littlest and announced we were going whale hunting ( well, not really, but you get my drift).  EVEN IF IT WAS FREEZING.

Alas, the whales had moved on by this point, but the dolphins hadn't!  Right off the shore they were jumping, leaping, frolicking!  Yes, they were frolicking!  It was like being at Sea World, but for free.  We spent a lovely half hour or so rock hopping and exploring and exclaiming with delight at the antics going on in the ocean. 

And then, that steely wintry afternoon light changed and all of a sudden the sky was on fire.  It took my breath away.  We decided then and there that there was something in the air that day and we were indeed a couple of the lucky ones to be out amongst it.

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