Thursday 5 June 2014

weekly stills

It has been a long time between weekly stills.  I am by nature a private person and that, combined with the "busyness" of our daily lives,  meant I found myself both questioning why I was even posting weekly stills, let alone even having the time to do it.

I find though, that as time goes on I pick my camera up less and less.  And I hate that.  So I am hoping that by challenging myself to post these photos each week this will slowly start to change.  So here goes.

afternoon light ( the best kind I think)
planning out his next move ( he beat me)
one of his many soccer balls
i love her little top knots
winter branches
mexican standoff
i surprise myself that i now know random things like when a player is offside
her self portrait

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  1. A beautiful set of moments in your week and having a weekly task of taking the photos or posting them means you are reminded to take them for your family. You'll appreciate all these photos at the end of the year and I encourage you to stick with it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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